Guru Meeting - Consult: Getting Started with SEO for Your Website

You will meet with Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole for 60 minutes for $100.00.

If you're building or revamping your website, I can help you with the following: -Simplify the basics of SEO Content Writing and how it impacts your website. -Where and how to get started and key things to look out for beyond Content Writing (including design and web development). -Get you familiar with how SEO Writing works, so you can give it a try yourself if you write. -Learn about Keywords, On-site & Off-site SEO, Link Building, and more. -Connect you with the necessary tools and plugins required for your website. -The best way to know your customers and how to target them effectively. Every website needs Quality Content and even better when it's Search Engine Optimized. SEO helps you target the right audience and reach more people organically. WHY do you need this if you'll be hiring an SEO Writer anyway? As the owner of the site, you can't be completely clueless about how SEO works. This drives the growth of your website and in extension, your company or brand. There's a cost to ranking high on Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). You either pay an SEO Writer to help you organically or run paid Ads on Google. Before you pay for anything, it is important that as a business owner, you have a basic understanding of what to expect in the short and long run. SEO is a wide topic but I can make it a walk in the park for you by tailoring it to your niche. Medium: Over Google Meet (If you have special needs, we can discuss a better option).

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